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1 業者コード(事業者番号)
2 所有者コード(自動車登録関係)
3 全国地方公共団体コード(総務省所管)
4 平成30年度我が国におけるデータ駆動型社会に係る基盤整備(電子商取引に関する市場調査)報告書
5 「国民の祝日」について
6 令和元年度我が国におけるデータ駆動型社会に係る基盤整備(デジタルガバナンスに係る定量的評価方法に関する調査研究)報告書
7 都道府県別市区町村符号及び保健所符号
8 二次医療圏
9 平成26年度の我が国における地球観測の実施方針
10 令和元年度 内外一体の経済成長戦略構築に係る国際経済調査事業(諸外国等における経済の電子化を踏まえた課税の動向等に係る調査研究事業)調査報告書
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  • About the Open Data initiative

     The Japanese government is promoting the Open Data initiative, in which the government widely discloses public data in machine-readable formats and allows secondary use of the public data for profit-making or other purposes. This initiative has the goals of improving people's lives and stimulating corporate activities, thereby contributing to social and economic development of Japan.
     This website serves as a catalog of this Open Data, and is intended to provide information about public data available for secondary use. The website provides extensive search capabilities.
     To search for data, enter a keyword in the search box above and start your search.
     Please feel free to submit comments via the Requests and feedback page, if you have any comments on subjects such as the formats of provided data or disclosure of undisclosed data, or if you can provide any examples of, or ideas about, using Open Data. If you have any questions about how to use the site, please submit your questions via the Contact page.

    Policies and Decisions about Open Data
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